Namrin's Rest (The Hidden Isle)


In the world of Feradomar, the large island of Namrin’s Rest is an enigma. From the outside world, it seems to blink in and out of existence at random times causing some to refer to the landmass as the Hidden Isle.

Located off the south shores of the northern mainland near the borders of the Thyane Empire and the Kingdom of Lyndroth, Namrin’s Rest would be a major asset to either nation, but every attempt to establish rule over the isle has been thwarted by its disappearance – as if the island itself were aware of the intent of the would-be invaders. As such, it remains almost completely isolated from the happenings of the rest of Feradomar.


When it is manifested in the Waters of Forever, the island is surrounded by a torrent of strong winds called the Gryphonwinds. This endless gale prevents most normal means of travel to (or from) the isolated locale; though the occasional outsider does arrive upon its shores, usually becoming the islands newest denizen.

Those who do call Namrin’s Rest home have had to create a completely self-sustaining society and culture that has existed for millennia predominantly outside the influence of the rest of the world. Those arriving on the island discover a foreign culture that consists of its own history, mythology, and gods completely unique to those who call the mysterious location home.

Namrin's Rest (The Hidden Isle)

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