Yurset Gromwell

Weapon Smithy in Halabrand's Reach


Yurset Gromwell is rugged human male, and though an aged man with peppered hair and a long white beard, he is as strong as an ox. He is a relatively new denizen to Namrin’s Rest.

Ten years past he arrived, the lone survivor of a shipwreck, hailing from land from beyond the Gryphonwinds that he calls Thyane. In his homeland he was a weapon and armor smith of some renown, and after making his home in the Free Towne of Halabrand’s Reach, he has returned to his beloved trade.

With a loan from the merchant’s guild provided to establish a smithy on the south side of the city, Yurset’s largest client is actually the city itself. He was hired by the lord magistrate to outfit the city guard.

Before his arrival, quality weapons were sparse, but now the entire guard is outfitted in the finest armor and armed with the finest blades. He also offers his services to general public, though typically his work with maintaining and repairing the city guard’s equipment keeps him very busy.


Yurset Gromwell

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