Toremon Tameresh

High Priest of Community Temple in Halabrand's Reach


Toremon Tameresh is a devout priest of Sarenrae, the Dawnflower. While much of his day is spent deep in prayer within the city temple, he offers daily services at sunrise, noon, and sundown. The temple has been constructed to honor a plethora of gods and goddesses rather than to idealize Toremon’s deity. As such, he gladly welcomes followers of many different faiths (any Good or Neutral deity).

During the first two days of each week, he also serves as Medicus to the denizens of the Free Towne of Halabrand’s Reach, along with assistance from the local alchemist, Naty Sarama.
He is a bald human man with a thick stygian beard. His voice is very deep, and it’s baratone nature easily carries over the noise of large crowds during services, but otherwise he is a soft spoken, usually quite man with little to say unless asked.

He retains an open door policy at the temple, and any may enter to take rest and refuge if they have no other option. The city government also provides the temple with a stipend of food and supplies that can be offered freely to the hungry and poor.


Toremon Tameresh

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