Seteya Laruental

Fortune Teller & Brothel Owner in Halabrand’s Reach


Easily the wealthiest individual in the Free Towne of Halabrand’s Reach (and arguably, the southern half of Namrin’s Rest), Seteya Laruental came from humble beginnings. She first arrived to the city over a decade ago as a travelling fortune teller and few took notice of her. However, one fateful reading she provided was to Lady Lira Eteneta.

Seteya correctly foretold that Lira would be elected as guildmaster of the merchant’s guild, and further predicted that she would, “rule over the merchants of Halabrand’s reach with an iron fist until the day of her death.”

When the fortuneteller’s prophecy came to pass, the lady guildmaster wanted to reward her. Together the two hatched a scheme that would ensure the continued hold over commerce in the region enjoyed by the merchant’s guild as well as transforming a poor fortuneteller into a wealthy business owner.

They established the “Towershadow Brothel” on the northern outskirts of the city, now owned and operated by Seteya. The brothel is literally in the shadow of the towers of the city’s northernmost gate.

While a few trade workers do chose to be employed there, the majority of Seteya’s staff consists of the family members (whom Seteya deems worthy of consideration) of failing merchants who owe immense debts to the merchant’s guild. These individuals “choose” to provide services at the brothel to repay the debt of their families – often condemning them to years of indentured servitude. In turn, having an establishment where young, attractive men and women from the some of the region’s most predominant families are available for a few coins draws a widely enthusiastic clientele.

With the protection of the merchant’s guild, acceptance by city officials in return for a steady stream of tax payments, and having the heaviest coffers in the city assures that Seteya remains in her position of stature regardless of the fact that many powerful families condemn her.


Seteya Laruental

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