Naty Sarama

Alchemist in Halabrand's Reach


Naty Sarama is the female halfing proprietor of the Alchemist’s Shoppe in the Free Town of Halabrand’s Reach. She stands short, even for one of her race, and has long, braided auburn hair. Soft spoken, she also volunteers the first two days of the week (when her shop is closed) to the local medicus, where she provides (free of charge) her healing potions for the injured, and her brews of various medicines to help cure the sick.

In return for her service, Naty is exempt from the taxes incurred by all other merchants. She is also afforded the right to abstain from membership in the merchant’s guild and is the only merchant in the city not required to pay monthly guild dues – an arrangement agreed upon by the guildmaster, Lady Lira Eteneta because, “Healthy customers are spending customers.”

An otherwise shy and private individual, other than her community service and assisting the local priest, Toremon Tameresh, tend to the ill, she keeps to herself, living in the back room of her shop.


Naty Sarama

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