Lord Magistrate Norus Rone

Magistrate of Halabrand's Reach


Lord Magistrate Norus Rone is probably the most powerful individual in the Free Towne of Halabrand’s Reach. Though technically he answers to the elected mayor, it has been through his actions that the security and prosperity of the city have been established over the past two decades that he has held the position.

As a human who stands nearly seven feet tall, the magistrate is an enormous man, and even being middle-aged, is a foreboding and demanding figure. In his youth, he held the position of Captain of the Guard, were he served with honor until he ran, and was subsequently elected to the position of magistrate.

Though many facets of the city’s denizens disdain the man, they are all also aware that the city needs his presence. For this reason not a single soul has ever made an attempt at his office. It is rumored that Norus is the only individual in the city that even the Merchant’s guild bows to – their leader, Lady Lira Eteneta herself even submits to his authority.

It was Norus who both planned and commissioned the building of the city wall to secure the city. As magistrate, in legal matters, he acts as judge, jury and executioner. Though most would be tempted by corruption, one thing that every citizen of the city agrees is that Norus is an honorable man, and he delivers both fair judgement and measured, appropriate punishment to those who break the law.


Lord Magistrate Norus Rone

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