Abran Rinn Thera

Ascended Sorceress from Barnaq, Shard Wielder


Loosely translated from the original Barnaqish tongue, “Abran Rinn Thera” translates directly into common as “The woman who brings forth entombment in the earth (grave)” or more liberally translated as, “She Who Brings Death.”

She is an evil sorceress from the home world of King Bhesat Nabon, who ascended to godhood by slaying all the divine beings of her world and shattering the Divine Crystal from wince those gods had drawn their powers from into countless shards. Bestowing these many shards upon her legions of devotees, Abran Rinn Thera turned the power of the gods against the mortals of her world in an attempt to destroy any being who would oppose her total rule. Great plagues and wars were rampant for centuries.

During the great battle, King Bhesat Nabon, lord of the Empire of Barnaq, used the power of her own shards against the sorceress and her faithful lutenists, tearing open a rift between worlds and trapping them within. Unfortunately for Bhesat, he too was trapped within the timeless rift, and was forced to helplessly watch as the remainder of the sorceress’ followers besieged, and eventually destroyed his kingdom.

After the battle in Barnaq, without their vile goddess there to command them, the followers of Abran Rinn Thera turned upon each other in a cataclismic war that resulted in the utter and total annihilation of their world.

The mysterious rift draws upon energies, and the more powerful a being, the harder it becomes to escape its grasp. For this reason, Abran Rinn Thera remains trapped within the space between worlds, though recently unknown circumstances had lead to a weakening of the grasp the Rift bears upon her, and though still trapped herself, she has begun to use her powers upon the world of Feradomar.

Her first assault upon Feradomar being over a thousand years ago, with the release of the Blight upon the elves, as well as sending several of her lieutenants and minions through various tears of the rift. This was thwarted by the combined efforts of the human nations and the great dwarven empire under the rulership of the Uldune family (who still bear a curse — an adverse reaction to the crystal shards — cast upon them by Abran Rinn Thera which passes down through their lineage in retribution for their involvement).

In recent years, this ebb has begun to once again wain, and the influence of the dark sorceress can be seen once again affecting the world of Feradomar, though her mortal faithful, unaware of her true past, know her only by the simplified moniker as the dark goddess, Abryntha.


Abran Rinn Thera

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