Lament of the Riftdweller

Wraith of the Kreganwood

Game Session #1


Game Session Date Friday, July 3rd, 2015
Game Session Time 7:30 PM – 2:30 AM (7 Hours)

PC Attendance Bominic “Bom” Brandiweiss, Clementine Windbloom, and Hafstag Bloodmoon.

Experience Earned 2,050 xp each from Bullywug Encounter, 1,750 xp each from Bandit Encounter, and 1,973 xp each for Zombie, Half-Ogre, and Wraith encounter.

After meeting Clementine as she enters the Red Raven Inn, Bom agrees to join her in her search for her father. After attempting to milk information about missing elves and bandit attacks from the locals, the group meets with Magistrate Rone to discuss the missing elf, but are told not to get their hopes up as “many come and go from this city without ever leaving a mark”.

Clementine decides to file a report with the Magistrate, whileBom and Bloodmoon attempt, poorly, to pickpocket an individual out on the streets. After completing her report, the three are met by the commotion of a man with broken manacles fleeing the city guard. The three attempt to stop the individual, but when Bom hears mention of “they’re going to kill my wife and children”, he opts to give chase to the man who single handedly levels the north gate of Halabrand’s Reach before disappearing into the Kreganwood.


The party follows, and is quickly lost in the thick forest, and are beset by a band of Bullywugs which overpower them briefly, before Bom‘s music allows for a narrow escape. As the three take shelter from a passing storm in a small cavern, Clementine finds a broken necklace belonging to her father, as well as a trail of dried blood. They decide to rest for the evening, and set out in the morning to track her father, who Clementine determines set off, hurriedly, in an easterly direction. During the night, a hunting party of Bullywug track the party to the cave, but are quickly scared off by Bom’s grizzly bearesque ghost sounds.

At first light, the three travel east into the swamp lands, where they find the escaping convict from the day before… cleft in twain and half sunk in the bog. After pilfering his body, Bom finds a hastily drawn map with a phrase in Giant “Big House, ”/characters/lady-lira-eteneta" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lira, Dead". The three are again beset by bullywugs, which the three make quick work of.

Continuing onward, the party comes across a cave guarded by two less than savory individuals. After distracting the guards with a stone thrown by Clementine, the three make their way carefully into the cave. Within, they observe multiple bandits squabbling over treasure, and are unnerved by the sound of maniacal laughter and screams.

Proceeding further in, the party discovers a room with four individuals bound in chains – one of which is Clementine’s father. After being discovered and recognized by one of the bandits, Bom bribes them into giving the party the necessary time to escape with the prisoners. The party makes a hasty retreat back to Halabrand’s Reach after using all of their combined guile to outrun a pack of trained wolves.

Upon their return, they rush the injured to the Medicus where everyone is tended. The Magistrate is summoned, and given the information that the party has gathered.

He assigns Ludwig, the Captain of the City Guard, and 5 of his men to accompany the party back to the cave to route the bandits. After having only briefly been reunited with her father, Clementine opts to join the party on their journey back to the cavern.

Upon their arrival, they are greeted by scenes of viscera and gore, with all of the bandits and wolves having been torn to shreds. As they proceed through the cavern, they find themselves wading through a sickly, green fog, drawn ever closer to the maniacal laughter. Within a wide chamber, the party find a half-ogre, hunched before a large, glowing green crystal shard.

Ludwigs men are overcome with fear and take flight. While the party prepares to make haste from the chamber, after convincing Ludwig to remove himself from his fascination with the crystal, they are beset by the shambling cadavers of the bandits.

Bominic uses a vial of alchemist fire to dispatch the zombies, but alerts the half-ogre to their presence. From the crystal seeps a green fog that coalesces into a feminine figure that caresses the half-ogre before assailing the party.

During the melee, Bloodmoon and Clementine, and later Ludwig, focus their assault on the crystal shard, while Bom retreats to the entrance to findLudwig’s men.

The crystal is destroyed, and Ludwig beheads the ogre. Clementine, weakened by the draining power of the feminine wraith, uses her final surge of power to immolate the ghostly figure, banishing it back to oblivion.

As the dust settles, the party find themselves in the chamber, now haunted by a wavering green light that occupies the space where the crystal once resided. They resolve to return to Halabrand’s Reach to make a full report, spend time with friends and family, and seek the aid of the Temple in uncovering the nature of the dark power within the cavern… after helping themselves to the valuables of the now dissolved party of bandits.

(Campaign log written by Aaron)



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