Lament of the Riftdweller

Return to the Swamp Cave

Game Session #2


Game Session Date Friday, July 10th, 2015
Game Session Time 6:30 PM – 11:30 PM (5 Hours)

PC Attendance Bominic “Bom” Brandiweiss, Clementine Windbloom, and Hafstag Bloodmoon.

Experience Earned 1,350 xp to each for encounter with the King Bullywug in the swamps of the Kreganwood. +250 xp to Clementine for piecing together clues.

Note: The PCs were awarded 25,000 gp by Lord Magistrate Norus Rone who begrudgingly paid to them by the order of Lord Mayor Litt Orott.

After returning from the ordeals in the Kreganwood, the party, finding themselves burdened with great wealth, set upon the Bazaar to change their goods and do a bit of outfitting. Making a plethora of stops about Halabrand’s Reach, the party donate the Bandit’s larder to the Medicus, as well as a few finer sundries, such as the Redleaf Chew and casks of wine, to Zedeka at the Red Raven. Bom hopes to use this as collateral to maintain his position and sleeping quarters at the inn, and is shocked to see that he has already been replaced. Not one to be outshined, Bom proceeds to perform a set of shows for 5 days, during which time he catches the attention of Aldo’s widow, who approaches him in an attempt to blackmail him. He regales her with a tale of the rogue’s turning over a new leaf, bravery, and tragic death in the defense of Halabrand’s Reach from the bandits. He offers her a tidy sum of money for herself, and her children. Meanwhile, Clementine tends to her father’s health, and Hafstag celebrates in a drunken haze.

After a bit of digging and rumor mongering, the party is able to learn that Rudgar, the recently deceased leader of the Kreganwood Bandits, had only arrived upon Namrin’s Rest within the last year, and had very quickly risen to the head of an already established syndicate. The three decide that the crystal and green light most certainly played a role in the events. Oddly enough, upon inquiring as to the nature of the light at the temple, the party is shocked to learn that all trace of it has vanished. They are even more shocked to see, on the southern horizon, a hazy purple cloud, which Clementine explains could be nothing other than the spores of Alfdrissil, the tree at the heart of the Elderleaf Sanctuary, which are released upon the passing of an Elder.

Neurion, now recovered enough to speak and having learned of the spore clouds, informs Clementine that he “must show her something”… but to do so, they must return to Elderleaf with all haste. He informs her that Alfdrissil is dying, and that the spore cloud may also represent great distress to the tree – rather than just the passing of an elder, and that the death of the tree will result in the eradication of the Elven race. He recounts the tale of the founders of Elderleaf who survived an ancient, magical plague that ravaged the Elven people, but who were saved by the magic of the tree, which was then infused into their descendants; namely, the Elves of Namrin’s Rest. He reveals that he and his fellow hunters were not ranging for game, but were, instead, scouring the island for something with which to cure the tree of what afflicts it. He also gifts his amulet to Clementine, which is actually a small, green crystal shard caked in mud, and explains that it is the “key”, and is capable of absorbing pockets of energy spread across the island, which can then be returned to Alfdrissil to sustain it. He continues, warning that there is a growing faction of dissenters in Elderleaf who believe the story passed down from the Elder’s is but a myth, and that the tree should be allowed to die, so that the Elven people may no longer be bound in faith to it. He further reveals that the other members of his hunting party are among the dissenters, and actually attempted to murder him. After further discussion, Clementine mentions the green light in the swamp cave, and Neurion is vehement that it must be recovered using the key, explaining that it can only be seen when a key is near, and tasks the party with retrieving it while he makes preparations to return to Elderleaf with his daughter and the means by which to save Alfdrissil.

Once again, the three make their way into the Kreganwood and back to the swamp cave. On their way, they are beset by a hunting party of bullywug, led by one of their especially large ilk. Surrounded, Bom shouts a challenge to the largest bullywug, and spurs Hafstag into battle with it. The battle rages without interference, until the creature is slain. Hafstag, having removed its head, flings it at the remaining bullywug, shouting curses and battle cries. The creatures bow their heads in reverence to Hafstag, and offer them safe passage through the swamp.
Arriving once more at the swamp cave, the party make their way to deepest chamber where they had previously seen the light, and are met with a shadowy, masculine, cloaked figure that menacingly instructs them to “Leave…”. After a short banter, a great darkness bursts forth from the figure, obscuring the area. From within it, tentacles lash out to grasp Hafstag, dragging him towards the cloaked figure, where he is met with a visage like unto himself, screaming in rage. Assailing his foe, he finds that each blow he lands rends his own flesh, instead. Clementine launches a bullet from her sling, but sees the figure take on the visage of her father, who screams at her not to harm him, and is herself harmed by the blow. Bom, seeing an opportunity, uses mage hand to guide the key into the light, causing the green emanation to turn blue, then dissipate as it is absorbed into the crystalline shard. After a brief rest, the three make their way back to the city unimpeded.

Making their way to the temple, Clementine rushes to show her father their success, but, instead, finds him in a trance. Summoning the Medicus, the party is shocked to learn that Neurion has, in fact, been entranced since his arrival at the temple earlier in the week. Confused, Clementine focuses her mind upon the key and begins to meditate, calling out to her father. She is met with a vision of Neurion and the shadowy figure from the swamp cave locked in a savage melee with one another. As she awakens, Clementine is resolved to seek the guidance of her grandfather, and is hopeful that he still lives.

The party leave Neurion in the care of the Medicus, and make preparations to speed toward Elderleaf with all haste, hopeful that they may be met with friendly faces upon their arrival…



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