Lament of the Riftdweller

A City Uncovered

Game Session #5


Game Session Date Friday, August 28th, 2015
Game Session Time 7:00 PM – 1:30 AM (6.5 Hours)

PC Attendance Bominic “Bom” Brandiweiss, Clementine Windbloom, and Hafstag Bloodmoon.

Experience Earned 1,100 to all for encounter with carrion crawler, 1,600 to all for encounter with 3 wraiths in the “coffer” room, and 1,600 wraiths in the “sunbeam” room. 500 bonus xp to Clementine Windbloom for creative use of a spell (turning the submerged water tunnel into a jet tube using hydraulic push), and 200 bonus xp to Bominic “Bom” Brandiweiss for thinking to use the sunbeam and mirror to destroy the wraiths.

Notable Treasure Potion of Good Hope, Potion of Remove Paralysis, (gems), and (gold), (silver). 3 “unholy” swords which were buried by Hafstag Bloodmoon in the “sunbeam” room.

Note: Clementine Windbloom has befriended a newly hatched carrion crawler.



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