Ludwig Holdyn

Captain of the City Guard in Halabrand's Reach


Ludwig Holdyn is acting captain of the city guard in the Free Towne of Halabrand’s Reach.

Young and debonair, he is a tall and athletic gentleman with the demeanor of nobility. His mother is one of the wealthiest merchants in the city and runs the sizable warehouse district that provides long term storage for everything from harvested crops and preserved meats to supplies for every local merchant.

He is an exceptionally skilled swordsman, and well-tempered. And though his lover, Lord Mayor Litt Orott appointed him to the position of captain of the guard, there’s no doubt that he could have earned the position on his own merit.

His relationship with the mayor is often jokingly referred to as the “worst kept secret in all of Halabrand’s Reach.” However, Ludwig is also known to have a mysteriously close relationship with Lady Lira Eteneta, head of the merchant’s guild. Many presume that his relationship with the lord mayor is at the behest of the lady guildmaster (who seeks more political clout within the city), though no real evidence exists to verify such claims.

Regardless of the truth behind the mysterious love-triangle, no one can argue that Ludwig doesn’t do his job – he does it exceptionally well, and his reputation as a man not to be trifled with has grown exponentially with his success as captain of the guard.

Note: Ludwig’s mount is a powerful black mare warhorse named Shade.


Ludwig Holdyn

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