Lord Mayor Litt Orott

Elected Mayor of Halabrand's Reach


A noticeably short man with a goatee and widely unkempt ashen hair, Lord Mayor Litt Orott is the elected mayor of the Free Town of Halabrand’s Reach. He isn’t a particularly good mayor, but won his position in a landslide vote due to reputation of his deceased father (who was a beloved mayor 20 years past). The seat of mayor has a term of five years in Halabrand’s Reach, of which Litt has so far held for two.

While not particularly corrupt, Litt’s main drive to becoming elected was to boost his damaged ego, in a misguided attempt to rise above the shadow cast by the reputation of his renowned father. He’s not particularly interested in politics, and cares very little for administrative duties – all of which he has transitioned over to the responsibility of the lord magistrate, Norus Rone.

In fact, the only real administrative action the mayor has taken during his tenure has been to appoint Ludwig Holdyn as captain of the guard. Rumor has it (as the worst kept secret in all of Halabrand’s Reach) that Litt and Ludwig are lovers, and the two have frequent, late night clandestine meetings the Towershadow Brothel to discuss “administrative” matters.

Though the relationship between the two men is a secret known by most everyone, few mention in public in fear of retaliation from the mayor. On a few occasions, he has ordered public punishment for slander to those who have jived Litt or Ludwig about the nature of their relationship.


Lord Mayor Litt Orott

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