Lady Lira Eteneta

Head of the Merchants Guild in Halabrand's Reach


Lady Lira Eteneta is a female half-elven citizen of Halabrand’s Reach. As shrewd as she is beautiful, Lira is the head of the merchant’s guild within the city. It is her responsibility to settle disputes between merchants as well as petition for ordinances that best benefit her constituents.

Though the title she holds is an elected position and intended to have a duration of only three years, none dare run against her, and she has held the position for well over a decade. The few brave souls who have campaigned against her in the past have mysteriously vanished.

Lira is known to operate under the law, but never to break it. She’s not beyond using her feminine wiles in favor to city officials, and it is common knowledge that she is romantically involved with several city officials as well as merchants of high acclaim.


Lady Lira Eteneta

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