Elderleaf Hunters

Elderleaf Hunters who Abandoned Neurion in the Kreganwood


The elven hunters accompanying Neurion Windbloom through the swamps of the Kreganwood. They abandoned him there, and turned back for Elderleaf when they were encountered by bandits

The hunters were encountered again in Game Session #3 when the PCs traveled to Elderleaf, and they ambushed the party in the underroot of Alfdrisil. Two of the hunters were killed, the others were knocked unconcious when they PCs learned from King Bhesat Nabon that the elven hunters were possessed by Rift Wights

Afterwards the surviving hunters awoke with no recollection of the past several weeks. And the elder, Valdarn Windbloom, explained away their lost memories, injuries and dead comrades as the result of a terrible hunting accident.

Dena Yoewleaf – Female
Rem Ogestaff – Male (DEAD)
Aral Stilleaf – Female
Tol Fernduwn – Male (DEAD)
Tusal Leddafir – Male


Elderleaf Hunters

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