Clementine Windbloom

Half-elf Druid


Half-elf Druid (Level 1)

Str: 10
Dex: 11
Con: 16
Int: 11
Wis: 18
Cha: 14

HP: 11
AC: 12
Initiative: +6

Fort: +5
Ref: +0
Will: +6

Perception: +10


Born in the village of Elderleaf, south of Halabrand’s Reach to her Elven father Neurion and Human mother Loraine, Clementine’s life began with sorrow. Her mother would not survive child birth, leaving Neurion to raise her, his only daughter. Neurion, the only son of the elder and a great hunter, honored his wife’s passing by giving their daughter an especially human name. He would do his best to provide for his daughter and raise her to be strong and independent, while imbuing her with the values of their people, including a oneness with nature and a reverence for the Dawnflower, Sarenrae.

As a child, she often found herself left alone, in the care of Thalion, the village Elder and her grandfather, while Neurion was off in the south, hunting on the plains sprawling between Brindlewood and Loch Hopwell and trading in Halabrand’s Reach and the outlying villages. Always a bit of an outcast, as a result of her mixed heritage, she was respected as the daughter of the future elder, but as little more than that. In the care of the Elder, a powerful greenseer, her young mind flourished, and her special connection with the elements was manifest as she began to communicate with the flora and fauna of Brindlewood Forest. This bond with nature allowed for the arrival of her closest friend, Henrick – a white, spotted owl – who accompanies her to this day.

As a young woman, she spent the majority of her time nurturing her bond with nature, foraging and gathering for the village, mostly herbs, odd spices, and edible berries, as well as tending to the wounded, whenever need should arise. Her life, sheltered as it was, was safe and happy, albeit lonely, save for her Father… until the day that he and his party did not return from their ranging. Weeks turned to months, and tensions have begun to rise about the village.

On the morning of her 21st nameday, she was summoned to her grandfather, who told her of a fevered dream that had come upon him the night before: a great warrior laid low and subjugated, toiling in a field of flowers bathed in the harsh, dawn light. Convinced that this is a vision of his son, Thalion has bid Clementine to venture forth from Brindlewood to Neurion’s last known destination: Halabrand’s Reach. Outfitting her with meager supplies and a bit of gold for the road, he speeds her along her journey, insistent that she travel alone and under the cover of darkness.

Arriving at last, and lost in the bustling city, she finds herself out of sorts, but resolute in her search for her father. She is directed to a local inn that is often frequented by travelers and merchants in the area.

Clementine Windbloom

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